Waterski & Wakeboard

Whatever your level of experience, our licenced instructors will help you to enjoy these sports in the crystal waters of Paliochori.

Whatever you are a beginner or you are a ski expert, you are going to have amazing experience in our waterski and wakeboard school!
Our instructors are qualified by British Waterski & Wakeboard Federation and WWS – WWC e.v, and they help you either to learn or enjoy.
If you are a beginner you can take courses . Course includes three parts.
First you will start with land lesson to learn about the technique and practise on it at the beach. When you will be ready instructors take you into water. This is the second part. At this part we use the training boom next to the boat. The rider is skiing next to the boat and the instructor can speak to him, giving him the right advises for balance and stance. The third and last part of the course is skiing behind the boat using the rope. The rider now is ready to do waterski / wakeboard.
Expert skiers can enjoy our slalom course with monoski. You need nothing more than this adrenaline booster!
Wakeboard is the most popular watersports nowdays. All levels will enjoy professional training by the best! For experienced skiers or for those you tend to try everything, this will be your challlenge for the summer!
You will enjoy being pulled by professional drivers who have a passion for the sport.
The latest skis, wakeboards, gloves and life jackets are provided.